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Auto tail light hot plate plastic welding machine

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Product Name: Auto tail light hot plate plastic welding machine
Supply Ability: 300
Specifications YW-NO1320
Price Term: FOB
Port of loading: Shanghai
Minimum Order 1
Unit Price: 9630
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1.What is Plastic Welding?
Plastic welding is the process of creating a molecular bond between two compatible thermoplastics. Welding offers superior strength, and often drastically reduced cycle times, to mechanical joining (snap fits, screws) and chemical bonding (adhesives). There are three main steps to any weld: pressing, heating, and cooling.

Low power consumption
Welding Area Minimum 5mm to 350mm
Welding to Thin & Long Product
Fast Welding Time 0.1-3 Seconds.
Economic It does not need the screws,&|160;glue,&|160;and chemical.
Low Cost and reduce&|160;labor&|160;cost.
Easy to operate
3. Application industry
Application Industry Application Products
Automotive: Auto and motorcycle plastic parts,battery, glove box, Plastic fuel tank, Intake manifold, Plastic muffler, Expansion Tank, front corner lamp, rear tail light, instrument, reflectors, automotive manual welding jacket, the car door welded baffle welding, automobile, car mats welding, automotive bumper repair welding, cotton insulation doors, seat wipers, engine cover, radiator cap spot, etc
Consumer Products: daily necessities, stationery, filter, folder and shell, pen stand, cosmetics box shell, the end of the toothpaste tube seal, mirror, insulated cup, lighter, seasoning bottles sealed the container, etc
Electronics: recording, audio tape boxes and core wheel, disk enclosure, the board of mobile phone batteries and rectifier transformers, switches and sockets, remote control, electronic swatter, pseudo-imitation caps, etc
Home appliances: Balance ring, electronic clock, electric trumpeter hair dryer, steam iron water tank, electric kettle air-Hsiang, computer, etc
Toy: plastic toys, water guns, aquatic life video game, children dolls, plastic gifts, etc
Film & Fabric: Filters, Shower Curtains, Biodegradable Bag, Non-Woven Face Mark,..etc.
Packaging: Plastic pallet, Corrugated tray, hollow crate welding, zip lock welded, etc
Medical:&|160; Surgical Instruments,Testing Equipment,filters,I-V units,insulated trays..etc.

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